What’s It Worth? A Stunning Tiffany Sapphire Ring

Sapphires are one of the most misunderstood gems. They are not all alike.

Valuation depends on color, clarity, hue and the wild-card aspect of country of origin. This week we bought from an Indiana estate jeweler a Tiffany & Co. 4.40ctw sapphire ring. This vintage ring would
retail today at Tiffany for close to $85,000 to $100,000.

Today Tiffany still uses only very fine color sapphires but they are often heat-treated. And
sapphires that are heat-treated bring much less than those that are not. When you add the magical Tiffany name, the normal valuation of a sapphire increases by 30% to 200% — or more — all thanks to that signature.

tiffany sapphire ring

This one is older, circa 1960s, and has spectacular rich color, plus two very large F color vs1 side stones,
and is set in platinum. We paid $21,000 to the jeweler with hopes of selling it for around $25,000 to $27,000.

GIA says the origin is Sri Lanka (Ceylon), an area that produces sapphires of a wide spectrum of color.
Lighter stones and much darker stones are often used in mass-produced rings but not specimens like this.
This stone might be considered “Kashmir color.”

If it were a similar color and actually mined in Kashmir, it would be worth well over half a million dollars.

The Value Of Country, And Jeweler, Of Origin

GIA notes that Ceylon, Thailand, and Kashmir sapphires are distinguished not only by their color but also their chemical makeup. Ceylon sapphires have high clarity and brilliance due to low iron content and the
presence of bits of titanium and vanadium. Lower-grade Thai sapphires typically have a darker, inky blue because of high iron and titanium. Thai stones are usually heat-treated for color and clarity.

Kashmir sapphires have a special color. This distinctive color is attributed to the presence of minute
inclusions known as “silk,” which scatter light within the stone, creating a soft, velvety appearance. Chemically, Kashmir sapphires contain relatively high amounts of aluminum oxide and are the most prized sapphires.

Finding such a large sapphire from Ceylon with a hint of the Kashmir color, and unheated – especially
with the Tiffany name – is extraordinary. This gorgeous ring is available in our St. Pete store.

And yes, we take trades.

Retail value? Around $80,000. Wholesale value: $40,000 to $55,000. Fair market value: $20,000 to
$30,000. Auction value: $25,000 to $35,000. Come on in and take a look. It is way better looking in person!

ALWAYS BUYING rare and valuable Tiffany jewelry.

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