What’s It Worth? Sometimes A Makeover Is All You Need

This rather dated circa-1970s 2.08ct diamond was brought to us by a lovely, distraught woman who had inadvertently dropped her precious ring down the garbage disposal. While diamonds are very hard, they are also brittle – and will break and crack under pressure, especially the edge or girdle of the diamond.

She had been to another jeweler and was told that it was a total loss and broken so badly that it wasn’t worth saving. Since the diamond had such sentimental value for our client, I called three of our cutters, asking them to go above and beyond their normal expertise and save as much of the diamond as possible. While we were at it, we asked if she wanted a fresh start. She chose a mounting that was perfect. We have used the same cutters for many years; they are based in Los Angeles, New York City and Dallas. Our NYC cutter came through with flying colors. The result was an almost perfect cut 1.85ct, with the addition of an updated mounting. She now had the very same diamond that her sentimentality had demanded she keep, but with an updated look.

So, you’re wondering, what’s it worth? We learned a long time ago that you can’t put a value on sentimentality. When it was brought in – with a dated mounting and a badly broken pavilion and girdle – it might have fetched a few hundred dollars.

Now, with the new mounting and fresh recut, it will easily appraise for well over $8,000.

It takes an expert to understand the true value of diamonds and diamond jewelry. We are proud members of the New Your Diamond Dealers Club. Call 727.898.4377 if you have questions. We are always buying.

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