What’s It Worth? The Bold, Unique Silver Of Taxco

In the 1940s and ’50s, Taxco, Mexico, became the hub for national silver arts as well as for Americans who went to live, work and create in what is arguably one of the arts and crafts meccas of the world.

Many of these silver pieces were overlooked because of their clunky, heavy, abrupt first impression. Gemstones used were often of inferior quality as well. However, these bold designs bring much more than their silver value when signed by one of Taxco’s talented artists/silversmiths: William Spratling, an American from upstate New York; Hector Aguilar; Margot; Los Castillo; Los Ballesteros; and Antonio Pinead (our favorite) are some of the most famous artists. Many of the works pictured here have a silver value of $5-$10, but some of these pieces will bring $100-$500 at auction – or go even higher, into the thousands. These silversmiths also made large bowls, centerpieces, and showpieces – which are very rare, as the artists mostly preferred making smaller, craftsmen pieces.

The pieces shown below did so well at auction that we actually went back to the seller to give them more money.

It is important to show your antiques and jewelry to jewelers who understand their value and will pay you a reasonable price – instead of just setting it on a scale and giving you the silver value.

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