What’s It Worth? An Art Deco Windfall

More than half of our estate and antique goods come from other jewelers around the country.

This week was a special week for our estate department – as it seemed to be Art Deco Week at Old Northeast Jewelers.

Pictured at top is a pin of emerald green quartz and fine diamonds in platinum, which we value at about $3,000 retail. It was sent to us by a Naples, Florida, jeweler.

The ring below was a shocker. In our years in business, we have owned fewer than 25 pieces from the elite, early-20th century New York City jeweler J. Dreicer & Co. And when we opened the box from a Philadelphia jeweler we were greeted with a perfect example of a Dreicer & Co.-signed, approximately 2.12-carat step-cut cushion F-color diamond snuggled up to an ultra-gem quality, approximately 1.85-carat emerald. The setting is platinum. While it would likely appraise for more than $45,000, we feel the fair market value is approximately $22,000. This is for sale in our store for $21,500.

But the biggest celebration came when we opened a box from a Delaware jeweler who is a regular supplier of ours. At the bottom of the box, beneath an assortment of nice but run-of-the-mill rings and pins, was the trophy piece – a magnificent art deco pin. In this pin (center), a huge natural emerald, finely engraved with the face of Medusa, is flanked by two ultra-white diamonds. One with a GIA report of G VS1 – 3.72 carats! And the other, an almost exact match, a European-cut, 3.59-carat GIA G-color VS1 stone!

Obviously artisan made, it is unsigned. While it would appraise for well over $250,000, it is for sale in our store for $139,000. Come see it!

Whether you are a jeweler, dealer, collector or a private citizen, we want to bid on your item.

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