What’s It Worth? Edwardian Splendor

Recently a jeweler from Troy, NY, contacted us about an Edwardian-era, circa 1910 butterfly brooch. He sent a photo and we were skeptical that it might be a reproduction.

At first, we had said no — as we thought the condition was too good for it to be an original. At his insistence, we let him send us this magnificent emerald, ruby and diamond pin.

Upon arrival, we were surprised not only because it was a beautiful antique with over 4 carats of old European diamonds, but because the green stones were not emeralds at all! They were highly sought-after demantoid garnets, which are prized for their diamond-like appearance. The center is a natural ruby of .75 carats. The two eyes of the butterfly are rubies as well; but the demantoid garnets sealed the deal, and we happily paid the $3,000. It is on sale in our store for $3,900.

Even though it has a minuscule chip, it only adds to the colorful nature that makes Edwardian jewelry so popular today

If you have any pieces of Edwardian-era jewelry you would like to sell, we would like to see it. If you need an appointment in St. Petersburg or Tampa, give us a or email jeffreyphess@aol.com.

We will meet you at your home, bank, or attorney’s office. Always buying diamonds, fine wristwatches, pocket watches and expensive jewelry. Gold is high; sell NOW!
No estate too small or too large.

JEFF HESS, Owner & Appraiser.
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