What’s It Worth? Garnets — A Potpourri Of Color, Sparkle, Value

The garnet is one of the most plentiful gemstones in the world. Most garnets are inexpensive gems and are characterized as red Bohemian garnets. Other types include the tsavorite garnet and the exciting demantoid garnet — so named because its brilliance resembles that of diamonds. Demantoids are often mistaken for emeralds, but are worth far more than most emeralds. While loose Bohemian garnets can be bought for a few dollars a carat, some demantoids — especially in jewelry — can bring hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, if they are large in size and set in exciting jewelry.

This blue enamel and pearl pendant was made by Bastian Bros. Co., Rochester, NY, circa 1918. The photo at right depicts the many shades of garnet. The large round one, a demantoid, is worth several thousand dollars. The oval in the center is a tsavorite green garnet, and worth several hundred.

The pendant features rhodolite garnets, and while the garnets themselves are worth just a few dollars, actual antique jewelry with garnets brings much more. The pendant (with red, white and blue motif), circa WWI, with white pearls, blue enamel and red garnets, will bring $500 to $700.

It takes highly educated experts like the team of graduate gemologists at Old Northeast Jewelers to understand and identify the true value of these gemstones. Call 727.898.4377 or bring yours in for an appraisal and offer.

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