What’s It Worth? Is It Art Nouveau, Belle Époque, Or Edwardian?

This week we highlight a recent acquisition from an Arizona jeweler, which is for sale in our Hyde Park store.

The three styles of jewelry referenced in the heading share several stylistic similarities, reflecting the artistic sensibilities of the late 19th and early 20th centuries as we left the conservative Victorian era. All three styles incorporate natural motifs such as flowers, leaves and animals. Art Nouveau is distinguished by its flowing gentle lines, and curvaceous and organic forms; while Belle Époque jewelry typically features bolder and more luxurious or ornate designs with a focus on refined elegance. Edwardian jewelry often overlaps with the Belle Époque period with platinum tops and gold-colored backs and showcases a jeweler’s work with fine lace-like filigree, frequently utilizing platinum settings. Sometimes, the jewelry artisans of the time incorporated gemstones and enameling to enhance the decorative appeal of their pieces.

nouveau jewelry

This was a time of great cultural, social and artistic transformation. The piece shown here is made of platinum and diamonds, and likely natural pearls. We think it fits more in the Art Nouveau style because of the flowing swirly swoops at the bottom. Furthermore, we think it may be early in the Art Nouveau
period, because of the incredible cut of the diamond – an old European-cut pear shape.

Vintage Jewelry Explained

Even though the center stone is 5.39 carats, our price is modest. It will cost you less than $25,000, because
the big diamond has imperfections (while not immediately apparent, they can be seen easily with magnification). The retail or insurance value would likely be closer to $45,000 to $55,000.

Come see this wonder for yourself in our Hyde Park store. And remember: we love trades.

ALWAYS BUYING rare and valuable jewelry.

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