What’s It Worth? Lasers: The Brave New World Of Jewelry Repair

When you think of lasers, what comes to mind? Science fiction movies? Futuristic military operations? Meticulous surgical procedures? If so, you’re not wrong – but you can now add another skillset to the laser’s resume.

Old Northeast Jewelers has just acquired one of the only 125-joule laser welders in Florida. And no, we are not planning to destroy a space probe or get into the cataract-removal business. Instead, we are going to repair your jewelry with it – in a clean, efficient and cost effective manner that will keep your jewelry undamaged.

In the past, metals such as titanium and steel, and even some sterling silver, were rendered as “unfixable.” Repairs on intricate work like antique filigree and lattice work weren’t even attempted, leaving the owner little choice but to stash the piece away and forget about it. But now, with the newest 125 joule laser welder, it is possible to work on jewelry that not so long ago would have been too difficult (or too expensive) to repair.

Lasers are amazingly versatile and can repair any size piece: Resize rings and restore stone settings without removing the stones. Repair and re-assemble tennis bracelets and Rolex bracelets, making them appear brand new. Laser weld tiny gold, platinum or silver posts to earrings. Repair antique enamel pieces without damaging the enamel. Refill porosity or holes in worn-out or damaged jewelry (see example below). Even fix eyeglass frames once destined for the waste basket.

Curious? Come in and take a look at our exciting new acquisition. Or better still, bring in that piece of jewelry that your jeweler said was unfixable.

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