What’s It Worth? More On Market Value vs Celebrity Value

A few months ago, we boasted about our “robust watchmaking department” with two Rolex- and Audemars Piguettrained watchmakers on staff, and discussed the Rolex President (owned by Paul Stanley of KISS) that we were asked to repair.

Valuation was complicated since it was a relatively common 18038 1970s-era Rolex President. Its fair market value, as it was in poor condition, was estimated at no more than $7,000. But after we completely restored the bracelet, and repaired and restored the watch to its original condition – leaving the distinctive celebrity engraving on the back – we were surprised to learn the value could be as much as $25,000 to $35,000, thanks to the fame of its owner.

Mr. Stanley loved our work and sent us another interesting watch to repair, this one a very early edition of the comparatively common Pulsar digital watch. We buy these all the time, and they rarely bring more than $100 to $200, and only when they are in working condition. This one was fried (Mr. Stanley had left the battery in it). Even in topnotch condition, one might be hard pressed to get more than $300 to $400 for the piece.

However, the watch’s value is due not only to its famous owner but also to the fact that this is one of the earliest editions, retailed by Tiffany. When you add the Tiffany moniker to the cachet of its celebrity ownership, we feel its value is in the $3,000 to $5,000 range – if it were for sale (which it likely never will be). We have watchmakers and jewelers on staff.

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