What’s It Worth? Old Mountings Have (And Give) New Value

Just like last week, some things are more valuable than you might expect. Vintage ring mountings without center stones are currently in high demand because of the interest among millennials for old-cut, mine-cut and Euro-cut diamonds, as well as their desire for more traditional jewelry.

Old Euro and mine cut stones are all the rage but can look odd in a new mounting, so jewelers across the nation are looking for old-style mountings. Filigree is the preferred term for the finely detailed wire work on top of the mounting. The more sought-after mountings are platinum or 18k gold, with the most desirable having side stones – i.e., rubies and sapphires. These mountings often bring double or even up to ten times more than platinum or gold when in good condition, and still more if signed by a national jeweler.

As for the metal used, platinum settings are more valuable than gold; 18k gold is more valuable than 14k, and 10k is worth comparatively little. The larger the area to mount the stone, the more valuable the setting – especially if it can accommodate a stone of over 1 carat.

While filigree is the most sought-after style, there is also art deco, as well as swirls and geometric patterns, as shown in the three complete rings here.

It takes highly educated experts like the team of Graduate Gemologists at Old Northeast Jewelers to understand and identify the true value of fine jewelry. Bring in your family heirlooms for an appraisal and offer; stop in or call 727.898.4377 for an appointment.

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