What’s It Worth? Old vs New Baseball Memorabilia Auction

Today’s column is informational and an ad, and we are asking you to bring in important or older baseball memorabilia for an upcoming auction.

Before championship rings were given out, medals and pocket watch fobs were given to athletes for championships. Today we’re talking about old and new baseball collectibles and our upcoming sports memorabilia sale, for which we are seeking items for consignment. Any championship rings and pre- 1960s signed baseballs and memorabilia are wanted. We only accept baseball cards if they are pre-1950s.

We have been contacted to sell the estate of a very prominent baseball player, as well as two pieces being discussed in our column today.

From a Utah jeweler, we purchased this 14 karat gold watch fob (a., b.) given by President Taft in 1911 to James McGill of the Western Division Baseball Association; it includes an arts and crafts pocket watch featuring a grizzly bear, with four platinum faces, and a platinum baseball on the pitcher’s mound with diamonds included. Auction estimates will be $10,000 to $15,000 for this important, very rare piece.

Also pictured is a 2009 New York Yankees World Series ring (c.), important because of its size (15), with its original box. Because it belonged to a staff member and not a player, the auction estimate is low – $12,000 to $15,000.

These items are available for viewing at either of our stores. Just make an appointment and we will be happy to show them to you. If you have old or important baseball memorabilia, let us bid on it. You’ve seen us in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine and the New York Times.


JEFF HESS, Owner & Appraiser

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