What’s It Worth? On Buying Championship Rings

We started buying championship men’s rings in 1984 on Fourth Street, when we bought a 1951 Yankees ring. It was from a retired player and brought a paltry price by today’s standards – $12,000 for our customer (minus our 25 percent commission).

We sold it to Barry Halper, who became my mentor and guided me in buying important sports memorabilia. If you look him up, you will see that he was a supplier and helper at Cooperstown, and his collection – when finally sold – brought over $40,000,000 at auction. Mr. Halper helped us determine real from fake, but even Mr. Halper himself was occasionally stung by fakes!

This led to buying championship rings from all over the world.

Our area, being a hotbed for retired sports figures and geographically rich in spring training for various teams, has afforded us the opportunity to learn the championship sports ring business very well. We have bought hundreds of Yankees World Series rings, for instance. They bring from $5,000 for small size-7-or-less staff rings to $100,000 or more for important players’ rings. (Some 500 rings are distributed to Yankees employees; ALL have value and we make an active market in them.)

We once sold a famous Kansas City defensive end’s Super Bowl ring collection to help settle his divorce.

We have sold Super Bowl rings for important players and received as much as $50,000 for them. We bought a Super Bowl ring from William “Refrigerator” Perry (of the Chicago Bears) back in the year 2000. We paid $20,000 and sold it for $27,000 at public auction. It was a size 25. Ten years later, it brought $75,000 in a private sale; and just last year, it sold for over $200,000 – proving how this market is growing. And we just purchased this damaged White Sox ring (bottom center) for $3,000.

We are experts on championship rings and can buy them for cash, or optimize their cash value for you and take a small commission.

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