What’s It Worth? The 411 On Vintage Rubies And Sapphires

At Old Northeast Jewelers we are nationally known as buyers of vintage rubies and sapphires for several reasons. First, we are very knowledgeable; second, we are strong payers and third, our graduate gemologists can tell whether a stone is heated, which is very important in valuation. Jewelers from across the country send us rubies and sapphires to evaluate. These stones are known in the trade as corundum. Rubies are extra common in low grade or low clarity or with heat-treated color.

You can buy genuine 2- to 3-carat, poor clarity and heat-treated stones for just a few hundred dollars. However, a 3-carat ruby like the one pictured has a retail value of almost $250,000; which we will likely sell wholesale for over $100,000. Why? Because when we sent it to GIA, they noted it as the trifecta of rubies. Not only was it untreated and clean as a whistle, but GIA noted vivid red and pigeon blood as color, which is the most sought after.

Most important of all: the country of origin is Burma – which is where the finest rubies on Earth are found. By the way, the color is much more vivid in person. Also pictured is a pin sent to us by a Chicago jeweler for evaluation. We determined the stones were not heat treated. We sought GIA’s determination on country of origin. Because of their beautiful blue color and silky appearance, we were hoping it was Kashmir, which would set their worth at well over $20,000.

If their country of origin was Burma, they would be worth over $7,000. Sadly GIA said the country of origin was Cambodia which made this pin less than $3000. Please don’t sell your vintage rubies and sapphires without an expert opinion from Old Northeast Jewelers. We have three graduate gemologists on staff who provide exceptional service and guidance.

Three former Sothebys.com associates and six GIA graduates on staff. Call or email us if you want to deal with Tampa Bay’s leading jeweler. We can meet you at your office, bank, home or attorney’s office.

St. Petersburg: 1131 4th St. N. 727.896.6656.
Tampa: Hyde Park Village. 1607 W. Swann. 813.875.3935.
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