What’s It Worth? The Brief But Delightful Edwardian Period

The Edwardian Era was a much-celebrated period when artisans were creating amazing jewelry that bridged the gap between the Victorian, Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements. Pieces were often characterized by bi-metal with gold in back and platinum in front, very white, and older-cut diamonds and gemstones typically facing up, very white.

This season began the filigree movement that dominated the Art Deco period. It was named after King Edward VII, whose reign lasted from 1901 until his death in 1910. Because of the brief time period, pieces created during this period are highly coveted and sought-after.

Gold & Diamond Brooch. We paid $400. Selling price, $700. Retail price, $1,200.

White gold ring. With two one-carat old-Euro-cut diamonds. We paid $5,000. Sales price, $7,000. Retail price, $15,000.

Bracelet. Natural Burmese rubies and diamonds in yellow and white gold. Fair market price, $700. Retail price, $2,500. Our selling price, $1,500.

If you have any Edwardian-Era pieces you would like to sell, pay us a visit. If you need an appointment in St. Petersburg or Tampa, give us a call or email JeffreyPHess@aol.com.

JEFF HESS, Owner & Appraiser

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