What’s It Worth? The Design Excesses Of Retro Deco

The retro deco movement wasn’t really a movement but named by dealers for the unhinged, crazy design period shortly after the Art Deco period.

Art Deco was all about straight lines and sharp angles. The response at the end of the period led to designers following some unusual paths. Jewelry, furniture and even paintings exhibited some of these outlandish, almost freeform ideas.

We featured similar watches years ago, but when this item was sent to us by a Los Angeles antique dealer, we thought we would show it to you and let you see for yourself.

It features a gross weight of 64 grams, 3 carats of fine white diamonds and 1 carat of fine natural Burmese rubies. The watch opens with a secret clasp that enables it to spring open.

We are showing five angles to reveal just how outrageous the design work is. Smaller versions of this would sell for $500-$1,000, but because this is so heavy, and has a huge diamond presence, we paid $3,000 for it. It is for sale in our Tampa showroom for $4,500. It would appraise for insurance purposes at over $10,000.

Whether you are a jeweler, dealer, or private citizen, we want to bid on your Art Deco piece. Call 727.898.4377.

JEFF HESS, Owner & Appraiser

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