What’s It Worth? The Stunning Perfection Of A Golconda Diamond

Another jeweler from California called a few months ago about an amazing Tiffany diamond and needed guidance. From the photos, we suspected that it might be an incredible historical find. We urged him to allow us to send it to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), after we noticed its incredible color. We felt this was a rare, so-called Golconda white, type IIA – known not just for their D color, but whiter-than-D color. It was set in an amazing Victorian-Era, signed Tiffany mounting and the brilliant whiteness of the stone was almost blinding!

Type IIA diamonds hail from the Golconda region of India. The famous Cullinan I – weighing 530ct – and the 105ct Koh-i-Noor are examples of type IIA diamonds. In fact, less than one percent of all diamonds ever mined are IIA. After several weeks, we received word from GIA that this 3.01ct Tiffany diamond was indeed a IIA.

Golconda diamonds are the most chemically pure diamonds in the world. Because we helped the jeweler buy this stone, he allowed us to partner with him – and we are offering it for sale in New York for $149,000. While we have owned diamonds as large as 25ct, we have never owned one this rare. When you factor in the signed Tiffany mounting, it makes for a once-in-a-lifetime find.

If you are looking for (or would like to sell) a dazzling diamond yourself, remember: we have 5 GIA graduates on staff, and are happy to buy, sell or trade.

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