What’s It Worth? 1936 Men’s Hamilton Fireman Pocket Watch

Many items are worth more than their gold value. It takes an expert to know the difference — and to share that knowledge with you. This small, heavy art deco men’s Hamilton from 1936 is an excellent example. This watch was given to a St. Petersburg fire chief in the 1930s and has fine blue enamel special order decorations on the back cover and an inscription on the inside. These low-jeweled watches typically only sell for 10 percent more than their gold value, but the firefighter genre of collectibles heavily influences value. While the gold value of this watch is under $500, fair market value as a firefighter collectible is closer to $1,000, and the appraised value would be closer to $2,000.

The majority of men’s pocket watches are worth more than their gold value — many are worth significantly more. Call Old Northeast Jewelers at 727.898.4377 or bring them by for an appraisal and offer.

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