What’s It Worth? Treasures Reclaimed From The Bottom Of The Sea

Living in Florida grants us close proximity to some exciting opportunities. We have been fortunate to study, own and sell numerous coins, gems and artwork from the treasures found in Mel Fisher’s shipwrecks. Many individuals have purchased a souvenir or two, but we have acquired extensive collections and made six-figure deals with Fisher’s investors who were often rewarded with salvaged goods.

Over the years, our purchases have included 1,000-ounce silver bars and several 10-ounce gold bars. The more common cobb coins, which are misshapen silver pieces known as “pieces of 8,” typically sell for $20 to $50 in poor condition. However, rare and well-preserved early examples of these coins can fetch $1,000 or more per ounce of silver!

shipwrecks cross

Shipwrecks Yield Forgotten Antiquities

Recently, we received a consignment from an early Fisher investor: a 1715 Shipwreck Fleet high-karat yellow gold amethyst Bishop’s Cross Our Lady of Guadalupe. Although it contains less than $2,000 worth
of gold and is missing stones, we estimate it will fetch $20,000 to $30,000 at our upcoming auction.

Due to our successful acquisitions of such things we are experts, so if you have anything – from inexpensive Mel Fisher items to valuable pieces like the one shown because it was well documented and has provenance – give us a call or stop by. Always buying antique, foreign, vintage gold & silver coins.

Go ahead. Google us. Three former sothebys.com associates and two art
historians on staff. You read about us in the Wall Street Journal, The New York
Times and Fortune magazine. Do you have diamond jewelry for sale? Contact us!
We have sold the contents of museums and worked with USF and the
U.S. Bankruptcy Court. Let us bid on your items.


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