What’s It Worth? The Rare Beauty Of Red Spinel

Spinel is a misunderstood gemstone. Why? Because when it was synthesized, it became very cheap and a TON of “synthetic spinel” floods the market! Natural spinel is expensive and scarce in larger sizes and brighter colors. It’s been historically overshadowed by other gemstones like ruby and sapphire, but its wide range of colors — red, pink, blue, and other shades — make it a gemstone nerd’s dream stone!

(Ask Katrina; this one wowed her and almost became a part of her “permanent collection.”) Red spinel resembles ruby and is often misidentified as such. Spinel has its own distinct characteristics, such as a higher refractive index and different crystal structure than ruby.

red spinel

Spinel – The Gemstone Nerd’s Gemstone

The demand for vivid red spinel has increased, and their rarity makes them highly prized among
gem experts. Luxury jewelry companies, including Tiffany, have embraced the beauty and rarity of red spinel. Tiffany incorporated spinel in signed Jean Schlumberger butterfly rings, providing further validation of the gemstone’s worth.

As awareness of spinel grows, it’s likely that its popularity and appreciation will increase, and
more people will come to recognize its beauty and value in the world of gemstones. Plus, Tiffany
Schlumberger items often increase in value.

This ring retailed for over $125,000 at Tiffany, and sports a huge 6-carat vivid red spinel center stone and
2.5 carats of d- to f-color diamonds. We bought it from a Los Angeles antique dealer who got it from a
Beverly Hills estate and have it for sale for $49,000 in our Hyde park store! And we love trades! Trade in your pieces that rarely get worn for this amazing showstopper. We buy diamonds! Vintage jewelry needed.

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