What’s It Worth? A Priceless Artifact Fit For Royalty

While we have this for sale in our store for a paltry $9,900, trying to appraise the true value of this piece could be impossible.

Natural pearls are rare, but sets of natural pearls that match in color, size and quality are extremely rare. In the 1800s, Europeans took time to sift through tens of thousands of natural pearls to put together this ensemble of tiara, bracelet and earrings set in high karat gold. Natural pearls are not to be confused with fine cultured pearls – like Mikimoto and others that make expensive pearl sets by nucleating an oyster with small pieces of mother of pearl or other substances that don’t occur naturally in the mollusks. These pearls developed naturally without nucleating.

When harvesting mollusks, harvesters save the pearls that naturally occur. Those eventually find their way to pearl purveyors, where they are carefully gone through and sorted by size, shape, and color.

To put together a set of pearls this perfectly matched is miraculous – and in today’s world, the sourcing of natural pearls plus the time and cost required would likely make this set worth $100,000 or more.

As always, the market dictates the price. (When was the last time someone you know bought a tiara?) So with the market limitation it will likely be bought by a store owner for his window or for a special occasion like a wedding – never to be worn again.

Whether you want a $100,000 diamond, a $30,000 watch or a stocking stuffer, come see us. Call for a private appointment in our store, or for a private Zoom meeting. We are always buying!

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