What’s It Worth? A Trio Of Arrows

Arrows have been a popular subject for jewelry makers for hundreds of years. Here are three of the most interesting pieces of jewelry that we have ever had the pleasure to work with.

From top, first up is an artisan piece made by Emily Benoist Ruffin, a well-known artisan in our trade who is still working and creating. For the center point of the arrowhead, she used a diamond cut by one of the most celebrated diamond cutters of the 20th century, Gabriel Tolkowsky. We bought this for resale, but when Katrina expressed an interest in it, I of course had to buy it from the jeweler and gift it to her.

arrow trio1

The middle piece we will call “the one that got away.” It’s a beautiful art deco style aquamarine of around 20 carats. It belongs to a Tampa Bay resident who received it from her mother over 50 years ago. It was likely from her grandmother. We offered the moon for it but she elected to keep it.

arrow trio heart

Jewelry Design On A Theme

The bottom is an extraordinary piece that unfortunately is unsigned and is missing a crucial part of the quill area. One of the feathers carved out of onyx is missing. And it would be very labor intensive for a cutter to cut a piece of onyx in the exact style, size and shape of the current piece of onyx. Because of this we offered very little for it – under $1,000 – but after getting huge estimates to cut the onyx, decided to just sell it for a small 10% profit.


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