What’s It Worth? Ancestral Medal Values Vary Widely

Our extensive inventory in our estate department comprises about 50% of items bought from Tampa Bay residents and about 50% from jewelers, coins dealers and estate dealers throughout Florida and the entire U.S.

Last week we bought for almost $6000 dollars a collection of about 20 Ancestral medals from a well-known coin dealer. Ancestral medal values vary widely. The purpose of these existed to celebrate the cause or memory of settled American’s forbearers. Many concern religious affiliation as well.

Most are worth very little, $10-50 for nonprecious metal versions, and usually just gold value for common groups. It gets interesting when medals are made by big-name jewelers. Tiffany & Co. and Bailey Banks & Biddle are two that stand out and this collection had one Tiffany and three BB&B medals, which usually increase value quickly especially when artistically pleasing.

Also, the type of society matters. Sons or Daughters of the Confederacy sell well as do Fireman and police societies. Often the most important aspect is the recipient or owner of the medal. This entire collection, even the common ones, will have value because they belonged to New York governor Charles S. Whitman and his wife.

Ancestral Medal Values

Pictured are two of the more outstanding medals in the collection, including The Huguenot Society of America Medal, made by Bailey Banks & Biddle in 14K gold that we value at $1,000-$1,500. It is a triumvirate of valuation with a good maker, a great recipient and a precious metal (as well as terrific style).

Above: A lesser medal that is rather interesting is the Colonial Daughters of America Medal. It is only made of silver but because it was made by JE Caldwell of Philadelphia and because it is engraved to the governor’s wife, Olive Whitman, we value it at $300-500.

Bottom: The Huguenot Society of America Medal honors the men and women in France known as Huguenots who were persecuted in the 16th and 17th centuries and who emigrated to North America.

huguenot medal

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