What’s It Worth? Art Deco Splendor From Cartier

Only 50 percent of the items we sell online are acquired from the public. We get the other half from jewelers, pawnbrokers and dealers from the Americas and Europe.

The subject today was purchased from a jeweler up north who bought it from a retiree in his town. He bought it advantageously and made a tidy profit by selling it to us for under $10,000. Rather than sending it to auction, we relied on our collectors network and were able to achieve $16,000 for this tiny but incredibly important vintage platinum brooch. It is an Art Deco gem-set brooch by Cartier.

Modeled as a parrot, the cabochon jadeite jade body within old cut diamonds with gemstones surrounding to a coral, corallium rubrum, and sapphires and emeralds circa 1925, French hallmark, 3.1 cm long, jade not tested for natural color and treatments. It is signed Cartier Paris (see inset, right), and is numbered. A similar but larger piece sold at Christie’s for $25,000.

Whether you are a jeweler, dealer, collector or private citizen, we want to bid on your vintage jewelry.

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