What’s It Worth? Do You Have This Rolex?

It’s not all about the Daytona and the Submariner. While we brag that we have owned more Rolex Daytonas than anyone on the planet, and are leaders in the US on vintage Rolex, it is not all about the Daytona and the Submariner, which admittedly pay a huge premium. There are sleepers like the GMT Master and Explorer. Here, three Rolexes that are not $20,000 to $100,000 chronographs, but seemingly simple watches that can bring good money.

  1. Early Rolex Explorer #5504. Worth approximately $9000 with box and papers, slightly less with no box and papers. (Must have original dial).
  2. GMT Master early version without crown guard, with box and papers (#6542 Bakelite bezel. We pay $15,000-$25,000).
  3. The Rolex Bubble Back. We purchase for about $1,000 in steel, $2000 in 14K gold & up to $6,000 in 18K gold – but only if the dials are original and not repainted.

We are internationally known Rolex buyers. We buy all Rolex, old or new, used or vintage, working or not. We even buy Rolex boxes and parts.

“The true aficionado knows that Rolex makes what is pretty much an indestructible watch,” says Jeffrey Hess” -Forbes Magazine

”Mr. Hess’s passion does not begin and end at Rolex. It began as a watch collecting hobby” – WatchPro Magazine

You have seen us in Forbes Magazine, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Three former Sothebys.com associates, two art historians and 6 GIA Graduates on staff.

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