What’s It Worth? Do You Have Underperforming Assets?

Everyone has underperforming assets – items that are unused or unwanted that aren’t doing any good sitting in drawers, at the bank or in your closet. In the case of watches, they might be deteriorating. With gold so high during these uncertain times, consider us when turning your underperforming assets into the cash that you could use to invest, go on vacation or pay bills. Katrina Hess is a nationally known graduate gemologist and founder of the GIA Alumni Association, and the Hesses are well known nationally. Here are a few things that periodicals and major websites have said about us:

As to Rolex, “The true aficionado knows that it makes what is pretty much an indestructible watch,” says Jeffrey Hess – Forbes Magazine

silver assets

Mr. Hess wrote the “authoritative Rolex history.” — Esquire Magazine

“Mr. Hess is a WIS like the rest of us and is a leading authority on Rolex watches, particularly historical models.” – Watchuseek

“His [Mr. Hess] knowledge of historic timepieces is so deep-rooted that he — literally — wrote the book.” – Watchpro

“With his multi-faceted approach, Hess offers a unique perspective compared to the typical industry executive.” – Watchtime Magazine

“Hess is a vintage watch expert.” – Quill & Pad

“Jeff Hess is one of the world’s foremost experts on luxury timepieces.” – Bay Magazine

“Hess has a reputation as an expert in watches and timepieces.” – Tampa Bay Magazine

“Dowling and Hess are quite possibly two of the most knowledgeable Rolex experts of our time, and it shows.” – Gear Patrol

“Hess has an earned reputation as a jeweler, watch expert and author.” – Southern Jewelry News

“With expertise in diamonds, colored stones, signed jewelry and watches, Jeffrey Hess brings an extremely informative presentation about buying.” – Polygon Jewelers Group

We will be your top buyer. If you are shopping around, see us last. We don’t throw everything on a scale, as some items are worth way more than their gold or silver value. Sterling silver is about $22 per ounce right now. We paid the client almost double that for this coin silver, Early American 1834 bowl because of its execution, style, maker and age. It is a masterpiece.

Please don’t polish your silver, gold, antiques or coins. Bring them in as is.

WE ARE ALWAYS BUYING! If you have any underperforming assets
to sell, bring them in! If you need an appointment in St. Petersburg or Tampa,
give us a call. Gold is high; sell NOW! No estate too small or too large.

St. Petersburg: 1131 4th St. N. 727.896.6656.
Tampa: Hyde Park Village. 1607 W. Swann. 813.875.3935.
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