What’s It Worth? Fancy Color Diamonds

Colored diamonds, especially pink and blue, as well as yellow (sometimes called canary), are some of the most sought-after diamonds. Natural color diamonds are often quite rare — a very small percent of all diamonds mined are natural, fancy color diamonds. We recently purchased from a St. Pete retiree a tiny 1/3-carat blue diamond for $8,000 and a fancy brownish pink diamond for $10,000 which only weighed 1.25 carats. Old Northeast Jewelers pay a premium for branded diamonds such as Tiffany, Cartier, Graff, and others. Diamond valuation is determined not only by the four C’s but also by condition and sometimes manufacturer. The small yellow diamond above was GIA certified fancy intense yellow and was retailed by Graff, a London-based jeweler for approximately $25,000. We purchased this diamond from another jeweler at wholesale for $11,000 and sold it to a lucky buyer for $13,000.

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