What’s It Worth? Fun, Fashion, Sight And Community Outreach

Today’s column will be a fun one and will help a lot of people, with your participation. Eyeglasses are tools to help people see. A pretty simple concept. We’ve donated glasses and recycled lenses to Lions Club to dispose of for over 30 years! While lenses are a specialty item, frames can be very collectible. We’d like to offer a service to the community this week, donating proceeds from the eyewear you send us to the Glazer Foundation and Lions Club.

Send us old eyeglasses. Just pack’em up and ship them. We will pay you for them, clean them up, repair
them with our laser welder, resell them if collectible, donate lenses, recycle gold or gold-filled items and
send every dime of the proceeds to the Glazer Foundation or Lions Club.

The cliché that, “No one has ever become poor from giving” is true. No visit to the store necessary.
Pack’em up and ship them. Let us do the rest. We will send you a check and a check to a charity as well. Most glasses, common plastic recent issues, are worth almost nothing, but anything REAL old, gold filled or gold has some value and some styles will bring you hundreds of dollars or thousands.

Some examples: Pre-1880 coin silver (see above): These are worth $50-$500; depends on maker and condition. Pince-nez style: Depending on the maker, condition and material, these glasses can range from $100-$500. Designer: Anything Cartier, no matter how old, ranges from $100-$2,000. Tiffany & Co. glasses range from $50-$2,000 with Bulgari pieces ranging from $100 – $3,000 and Prada from $50-$500; and some bring more.

It’s Always A Good Time To Pay It Forward

sight outreach

Lorgnette: These glasses depend on the maker and material. Damaged silver ones are $25. We have
paid over $10,000 for diamond-encrusted versions by Tiffany & Co. or Cartier. See blue enamel version below. Just pack them and ship them and get a check! All proceeds go to the Glazer Foundation and Lions Club. Or, if you have enjoyed this column over the years and have no old eyeglasses, consider sending a check yourself. The result will help immensely!

Sincerely, Jeff and Katrina Hess Make sure you add your contact info inside the package!

CONTACT US to see why museums and universities
have trusted us to liquidate their fine art and antiques.
We’re always buying rare and valuable items.
Cash or auction. We make house calls statewide.

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