What’s It Worth? More Facts And Lore About Tiffany’s

Following last week’s article, more details about Tiffany …

  1. The Tiffany belt buckle. There is a 99.9% chance it is fake. Tiffany did not make bronze belt buckles that you see online. They are fake.
  2. Tiffany sold Colt pistols; they can be worth a fortune.
  3. Tiffany’s archives department in Parsippany, N.J., will authenticate an item for $1,000. (We can give you a verbal opinion for no charge and a written appraisal for less than $150, in most cases.)
  4. Tiffany was owned briefly (circa 1980) by Avon, the costume and bottle company. To many, this is the “dark time” of Tiffany, as many things were sold with Tiffany’s name that were “un-Tiffany-like.” Thankfully, Tiffany was restored to its former glory in 1987.
  5. Tiffany is an American treasure. They hire the best people and have the highest-quality gemstones. A Tiffany certificate is easily as good as any GIA certificate.
  6. Tiffany practically invented tanzanite, having an exclusive on it. for many years. Tiffany rings with big tanzanites are quite valuable.
  7. Fake Tiffany silver chains are everywhere on the internet. We can tell the fake from the real; bring them in.
  8. Many churches, even in rural America, have priceless Tiffany windows. Tiffany had a robust program for churches for decades.
  9. Tiffany lamps were typically made of the finest glass; but in their earliest years, they used whatever colorful glass they could find.
  10. It is said that Tiffany used hundreds of artisans – often women – for jewelry designs. Sadly, these artisans are unheralded and unknown. They worked in a factory/design studio, with Mr. Tiffany choosing which designs would bear his name.

Here are some of the more unusual things we have purchased:

  1. A Tiffany platinum wrist repeater, 1928; $400,000.
  2. A Tiffany armchair for a living room; $500.
  3. A complete set of sterling silver flatware, Japanese pattern, with gold and copper inlay, 200 pcs.; $100,000.
  4. A Tiffany Rolex Daytona in steel; $20,000.
  5. A Tiffany dragonfly lamp, with missing panes; $75,000.
  6. A Tiffany 18k gold New York firefighter’s Medal of Honor; $1,000.
  7. A Tiffany 18k gold doctor’s pocket thermometer; $800.
  8. A Tiffany Studios 12-piece glass and bronze desk set; $3,500.

Do you have anything Tiffany and Company? We are buyers.
And we buy for value – not gold or silver price!

It takes highly educated experts like the team at Old Northeast Jewelers to understand and identify the true value of Tiffany jewelry and art. Bring in your family heirlooms for an appraisal and offer; stop in or call 727.898.4377 for an appointment.

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