What’s It Worth? Selling On Credit Is Not A Modern Concept

Did you know we offer no-interest financing on almost everything in our store (thanks to a cozy relationship with a large finance company), and also offer old-fashioned layaway if you put up a down payment? And this is not a new phenomenon. Here is an abridged story about a small jeweler in 1880s Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, who saw a marketing opportunity and acted on it.

Gondolo & Labouriau Jewelers were savvy enough to carry Patek Philippe pocket watches. They knew all the doctors, lawyers and various other wealthy folks in town but even THEY couldn’t afford a Patek. What to do?

They helped start a watch club. The members of this watch club (mostly doctors, but also other men of means) could buy a Patek Philippe pocket watch on “subscription” or on “time” – thereby paying off a 790-franc watch in 79 weeks at 10 francs per week. It was an amazing success!

Today, Patek Philippe Gondolos sell for between $2,000 for worn, smaller ones to $50,000 for complicated larger ones in mint condition.

Anything in our store can be bought with no-interest credit.
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