What’s It Worth? Six Curious Treasures

Today we’re writing about a few things that have crossed my desk in the last weeks. The largest demantoid garnet lizard pendant we have ever had. Demantoids got their name because these garnets look like diamonds. It also has 3 carats of old-cut diamonds. We bought it locally; it’s for sale at $5,500.

A Buccellati 18k gold sapphire ring that we sourced from a local auction. It was a gamble as we had to purchase it with a scant description. We paid almost $7,000 and will not know if we make or lose money until we hear back from GIA about country of origin. An emerald-cut diamond ring bought locally for $62,000. It is a cool step-cut, emerald-cut 6.40 carat JVS1. It is for sale in Hyde Park for a modest profit at $69,400.

The Many Facets Of Value

A 15 carat, round, brilliant-cut diamond ring (not pictured) that in spite of the GIA L color designation, faces up like an H color – very white. An Alabama jeweler needed financial help to buy it. We were able to secure it for $170,000 and are confident that we can sell it wholesale for around $200,000. We will give our local buyers a chance first at our Hyde Park store for $215,000.

A curious and rare enamel harp music box worn as a watch fob or pendant. Circa 1795, in 18K gold, made by Sené & Détalla. In 1980 it brought $50,000 or more. We are selling for a Dallas jeweler with a modest auction estimate of $20,000-$30,000. An experimental Patek Philippe, midcentury modern in original French case. We partnered with a Chicago jeweler at $20,000. Even in this condition we are sure it will top our 25,000-$35,000 auction estimate.

music treasures
curious watch

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