What’s It Worth? The Once And Future King

We have prided ourselves on being one of Tampa Bay’s most successful purveyors of luxury watches for many years, often mentioning our “Swiss and German” expertise. Seiko Tuna Can 6159. But another brand, Seiko $500-$1,000 (and more specifically, Grand Seiko), really appeals to us on a number of levels. Seiko hits the mark in many ways. Let’s start with history and collectability.

Seiko has been making timepieces for more than 100 years. Starting in the 1890s making simple wall clocks, Seikosha (House of Seiko), soon began making pocket watches — and its founder continued making watches and clocks for the next 20 years. The first Seiko wrist watch was introduced in 1924. By the 1960s, Seiko introduced the Grand Seiko 25-jewel chronometer and the race was on.

When the Grand Seiko line was finally refined a few years ago, Old Northeast Jewelers was one of the first five jewelers in America to sign on for this expensive time piece. We were skeptical of a $5,000 Seiko, but eventually were selling $5,000, $10,000 and a couple of $20,000 Grand Seiko’s. If you have one of your own, bring it in and we will write you a check. Or better still, trade it in for one of the finest watches in the world — made in Japan and rivaling Swiss and German watches in style and accuracy … some say surpassing them.

If you need an appointment in St. Petersburg or Tampa, give us a call or email JeffreyPHess@aol.com.
Stop by one of our locations or we will meet you at your home, bank, or attorney’s office. You’ve seen us in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, and the New York Times. We are internationally known buyers of fine gems and watches.

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