What’s It Worth? The Pros Of Buying “Pre-Loved”

It has long been a subject of discussion among Rolex aficionados and collectors as to the ability of Rolex to raise their prices every year in spite of how the market is behaving, what the demand is, the state of the economy or the most-important aspect of pricing – fluctuating currency.

Typically it is the simple laws of economics. People love Rolex. It is not only the luxury watch that people aspire to but it is the watch that shows that one has “made it.” And its design makes it impervious to the enemies of watch longevity – dust and moisture. Yes … supply and demand. But many brands are careful not to raise prices during rough times or when the U.S. dollar is not in line with the Swiss franc.

A persistent rumor claims that Rolex “controls” the market with their vast manufacturing abilities. Conjecture holds that when Rolex Presidents are in ample supply at authorized dealers (ADs), Rolex may decide not to manufacture or ship them for a few months, enabling ADs to sell through their inventory and create a demand. Only then, people allege, do they ship Presidents, often at a higher price. (Same with Explorers or GMTS, or with any model, some folks believe.)

Whether or not that’s true, it often seems to be the case. The recent shutdown of factories in Switzerland due to COVID, along with incredible supply and demand (some say driven by pent-up demand, or by “free money” policies of the past couple of U.S. presidents) have created a perfect storm for the “pre-loved” market.

Many models of Rolex and Patek Philippe are bringing more than retail. And many ADs have zero Rolexes in stock – further driving up the price of used luxury watches.

This is why we are constantly buying used Rolexes and Patek Philippes. Come see us and explore our collection of hundreds of pre-loved Rolex and Patek Philippe watches. And yes, we love trades.

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