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Jewelers from across the country are a pretty tight-knit group, thanks to trade shows, trade associations and shared interests. And when the internet came along, it further tightened our community ties – and we love to trade!

Recently, a Michigan jeweler was behind in his bills and owed us a large sum of money. During the crisis we of course gave him leeway in paying his bill. Being an honorable man, he admitted that he didn’t have the money to pay us, but knew of our love of vintage items – so he sent us a box to satisfy his long outstanding bill with us. We were delighted when we saw this European hallmark 18 karat gold and platinum diamond and natural sapphire clip retailed by Firestone and Parson of Boston.

This clip is typically worn over a woman’s left side, suggesting the coach making its way into the wearer’s heart. The wheels are platinum, the diamonds are D to F color with VS clarity and the sapphires are an extraordinary rich blue.

Even though there is only approximately $700 in gold, we forgave the jeweler over $2,000 toward his past debt for this one item. I immediately sent a picture to a jeweler in Omaha who collects such things, and he bought it sight unseen for just under $3,000. The Omaha jeweler had planned to sell the pin to a well-heeled client, but it never made it to the client. His wife laid claim to it immediately.

The result is that even during an otherwise gloomy time, several people were made happy. My Michigan client and the person he bought it from, myself, the Omaha jeweler’s wife, and finally, the jeweler himself – who will certainly be kept out of the doghouse for many months to come.

You have seen us in Forbes Magazine, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Three former Sothebys.com associates on staff.

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