What’s It Worth? A Medal Of Distinction

At a recent jewelry show in Atlanta, an antiques dealer brought us a little pendant, curious as
to its history and significance. Without a name of the maker or of the recipient, we could only

Based on the style, it’s evident that this pendant is from the Edwardian era, crafted in France around 1905 to 1915. It is composed of platinum and gold, adorned with diamonds, and displays French hallmarks.
Clearly designed for a woman, it features the engraved inscription, Record Du Monde (World’s Record).

atlanta era

The exceptional craftsmanship indicates meticulous attention to detail. We speculate that this piece might have been created for Mathilde Franck, who piloted a Farman biplane with a similar appearance, complete with skids as wheels, winning a world record in 1910 during her time in France. Overall, it stands as an extraordinary and captivating piece of jewelry.

Edwardian – Era World’s Record Medal

metal era

We took it with a modest estimate of $500 to $700, but feel it could bring much more at auction – not only because of its beauty, but because of its possible historical significance. We will sell this for its craftsmanship and will only “speculate” as to ownership. We buy diamonds! Vintage jewelry needed.

Go ahead. Google us. Three former sothebys.com associates and two art
historians on staff. You read about us in the Wall Street Journal, The New York
Times and Fortune magazine. Do you have diamond jewelry for sale? Contact us!
We have sold the contents of museums and worked with USF and the
U.S. Bankruptcy Court. Let us bid on your items. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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