What’s It Worth? One Spectacular Watch

People ask, “What collectible or watch should I invest in?” After careful thinking, I laughingly answer,
“How the heck do I know?” Collectibles, antiques, watches, and jewelry are all, in a sense, simply, fashion.

Who knew that brown antiques (aka wood furniture, cow paintings, etc.) would be worth half the price
they brought years ago? Or that you could pick up a rare Victorian chair for 20 cents on the dollar? The New York Times wrote that houses “bursting with lyre back chairs and giltwood credenzas” are over.

cartier diamond watch

And watches? Rolex, Patek, Cartier and Breitling are solid candidates, but not guaranteed. Nor is today’s piece. As dealers, we feed our hunger for fine antiques and decorative arts by getting to own, touch, and feel the coolest stuff. We often say, “Gosh, I wish we could have kept that one.” But we can’t keep them all. This one will be sold. And we will lament it.

An Over-The-Top Watch From Cartier

This Cartier watch evokes many emotions. The name, material, the science and the art. This tickled Katrina’s and my fancy, and we took turns wearing it. It is huge at 43mm, and encrusted with 10 carats
of D color flawless/VVS diamonds. The aesthetic is stunning. Eighteen-karat gold and heavy with an
over-the-top amount of diamonds. The iconic Cartier panther comes to life with a push of a button: her
baby cub emerges from her breast to briefly chase the bird. The bird flies to the level of the power reserve to remind you to set your watch, but also that you are wearing one of the most magnificent watches Cartier has made in the 21st century.

cartier panther

Will it go up in value? Entirely possible. (New it was $175,000; used, we think we will get close to $95,000.) The appeal? Almost everyone. A gentleman bought it for his wife: she loved it but found it overwhelming.
It was so large, he started wearing it. Not sure why they tired of such an extraordinary piece, but I am glad
they did, so the rest of us could enjoy it.

It is available for viewing in either store by appointment. No example of this watch has exchanged hands, so you set the market.

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have trusted us to liquidate their fine art and antiques.
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