What’s It Worth? The Role Of Cut In The Value Of Diamonds

While it’s universally accepted among gemologists that round brilliant-cut diamonds are the only diamonds that hold their value, we at Old Northeast Jewelers favor a number of other cuts. My personal choice is the emerald cut, because it can be used with a variety of designs – including Art Deco and other unusual styles that lend themselves to the rectangular, streamlined look of emerald-cut stones.

Personal collectors tend to seek kites and rhomboids, along with other unusual shapes. We have been one of America’s leaders in old mine cuts and European cuts, and are looked upon as experts in the field of old diamonds. We also consult with New York dealers on the subject of old mine-cut diamonds.

Shape And Faceting Are Important

Old European-cut diamonds have a tendency to “face up” much whiter than they really are. The cut makes them refract light differently. Many less experienced diamond dealers suggest re-cutting, but I typically consider this a mistake, as you will lose between 15-25 percent of the weight and end up with a stone that may sparkle and reflect light, but won’t appear as white.

We work with several cutters throughout the United States. If you need cutting or repairs, or have chipped diamonds, we are able to consult with you for your best course of action. We have scopes, colorimeters and other tools purchased from GIA as well as the coveted Sarine diamond machine. We don’t just sell jewelry and large diamonds; we love the science of gemology.

Round stones, modern round, brilliant or old European cut will always be worth more than radiant, princess, heart and marquise stones. Today, most people shy away from these cuts as they don’t hold their value. We buy and sell diamonds from 1 carat – 20 carats. Price is no object! It takes an expert to understand the true value of diamonds and diamond jewelry.

Call if you have questions about your own diamond or fine jewelry. We are always buying.


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